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Oh the terror of the things which are before us!


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I finally broke down and popped for cellular data service and a Mifi device. So now, when I am riding along in a train or (as happens to be the case even now) as a passenger in a car, I can create a wifi network of my own. It's by no means free, but I'm deciding pretty quickly that it's pretty darned handy.

The reason it's handy, I have to confess, is that so many things I do when sitting at a computer involve quick dips into the Internet, checking facts on web sites, dealing with emails as they come in so that I don't hang up processes at work, that sort of thing.

Reviewed: The Elements App

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The cliche when writing about keyboard arrangements for portable devices (as well as voice dictation software) is that you tell the reader that you, surprise, using the very device in question to write these very words. Look, it produces words.

Anyway, a Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard cover arrived here today, precharged and ready to go. And there are definitely some things to like about it compared with the Kensington I've been using. It looks kind of jazzy when you close it up against the iPad, for one thing. Hey, look! It's silver on both sides. The beast with two silver backs!

The Business Ipad

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First things first: there are a few things that you just really can't coax an iPad into doing. If you, for example, need to make screencasts, you're in trouble. If you need to do complex video editing, that's difficult partly because the apps aren't sophisticated enough and partly because editing video is one of the few tasks most of us do on computers that really benefits from lots of processing power.


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