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Oh the terror of the things which are before us!

Things that Get Done Get Done in Chunks

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Grumpy guy with stuff to do.

When you think about the things you hope to accomplish, you've got to give yourself a little breathing room. I like to think in terms of three years--1095 days, at least when it's not a leap year--because it seems like a bit of a play on "1001 Nights," a play on the notion that you earn your survival one day at a time, by the simple act of producing a manageable output each and every day. You break things down into small chunks and over time they add up.

Weak ties are a good thing

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I was just reading a guide to becoming a better networker, a so-so affair called Work the Pond, when a rather interesting bit came up. The book cites a research project from 1973, a paper called "The Strength of Weak Ties," by Mark Granovetter.


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