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Oh the terror of the things which are before us!

Quick Exits and Reducing the Scope of "Everything"

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Perhaps the most difficult part of keeping your life in order is making difficult decisions about what you will and won't do right now, along with the difficulties of finding acceptable ways to avoid doing things that other people are trying to add to your to-do list.

The Zengenda Approach

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I've spent far too much time thinking about how to lay out my time and my to-do lists. It was really just a way to kill time, a way to daydream about the things I was going to accomplish. And the truth is, I'm still far too inclined to dream up great systems for keeping on top of everything.

New Here? Places to Start

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Mode Nomad is about using technical tools and organizing techniques to get important work done faster and more effectively. It's about using the gains from more directed, efficient work to focus on improving one's life--looking for the best places to live and then actually going there, learning new things, finding the important work that will form the core of one's lifetime.

For many of us, jumping up a notch means, at first, focusing on time management. Start here for that.

Akrasia, Tomato

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Sometimes you have to embrace the tomato to get things done.

I ran across the term "akrasia" at a site I like called You can read more about akrasia in a nice essay over Beeminder, but for me the takeaway about akrasia is that if you set yourself on a certain course--developing a hundred lines of code a day, say--you aren't allowed to change your ground rules the moment it doesn't suit you to do the work anymore.


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