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New Here? Places to Start

Mode Nomad is about using technical tools and organizing techniques to get important work done faster and more effectively. It's about using the gains from more directed, efficient work to focus on improving one's life--looking for the best places to live and then actually going there, learning new things, finding the important work that will form the core of one's lifetime.

For many of us, jumping up a notch means, at first, focusing on time management. Start here for that.

For travel and location-related issues, consider A Nomadic View of Place.

Technology-related goodness gets covered in a number of ways here. If you're interested in running life (or most of it) on an iPad, see the Business Ipad.

Or just pick any of the section headers on the menu to see what the latest postings are for that topic.

Or, of course, you can just see what's been posted most recently overall by checking out the main page, which links to all the latest.

So, thanks for checking out ModeNomad -- I really hope you find helpful things here.


Robert Richardson is the principle nomad here at the Mode.
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