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Things made of real parts

Let's move back toward reparable gadgets

This is a picture of the guts of my espresso machine. Or, well, truth is, this is the broken one I bought cheap on eBay for spare parts. And what I like about it, quite visible in the photograph, is that inside the cavity of the machine (which is silver and at least slightly stylish when all buttoned up inside its case) are just a few parts, separately bolted in, attached by clippable wires and some rubber tubing. If the primary one in the kitchen breaks (as it has a couple times over the past several years), I do a little poking around to figure out which part isn't working, then swap in a working part from the donor machine downstairs.
Sadly, even though I'm not an idiot about simple electronics and can even (somewhat) use a soldering iron, most things just aren't like this espresso machine. So if there's ever a break in the supply chain from China, or electronics become enough more expensive that outright replacing them just isn't feasible, it will kinda suck that we can't replace individual modules, or even parts down to the level of resistors and integrated circuit chips.

Robert Richardson is the principle nomad here at the Mode.
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