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Tools for learning more effectively and approaches to language learning in particular.

Language Learning for Deeper Goals

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So there’s this guy, Benny the Irish Polyglot. He’s got an angle where he tackles a new language several times a year, aiming to get to a moderate level of fluency in the target language within an approximately three-month period. He’s not quite that rigid about his timing, but that’s the basic idea. Rather fittingly, the site where he blogs about these projects is called Fluent in Three Months.

The iPad that I Didn't Give My Mom

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The other day I decided I had to do something about my mother’s computing situation.

My father had kept up the telecom end of operations back home back in the day. But when he passed away, my mother gradually stopped using the computer. By now, the computer is several years old, the connection is telephone dialup, and the son who helps here manage her financial life really can’t function without email. The occasional Skype call might not be a bad thing either.

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