How Google Is Changing the Visibility Game


Funnily, a great many enterprise technology vendors I talk to get content marketing, but they have not paid all that much attention to SEO. They have been told enough times that it's important that they are semi-convinced they need it, but they aren't necessarily really doing anything about it. They've installed the Yoast SEO plugin on their WordPress installation, but they haven't really taken the time to incorporate SEO research into the way they pick their titles and subheads.

Don't let'em screw you.

A number of them are beginning to come to grips with SEO by working with an outside consultant like me. They've come to realize that what SEO is really about is discoverability. Somehow--and it doesn't have to be SEO--you've got to get your content discovered if it's going to make any difference, get read by people who might need what you sell, and lead to that mythical inbound sales lead funnel that people in marketing are forced to read so much about.

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