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June 2013

Language Learning for Deeper Goals

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So there’s this guy, Benny the Irish Polyglot. He’s got an angle where he tackles a new language several times a year, aiming to get to a moderate level of fluency in the target language within an approximately three-month period. He’s not quite that rigid about his timing, but that’s the basic idea. Rather fittingly, the site where he blogs about these projects is called Fluent in Three Months.

Nomadic Business Plans

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Now that he's moved on to cooking as an extension of being a genius at everything, I don't think Tim Ferriss talks all that much about the core idea that launched him into blog stardom, the idea that you should create a small business for yourself that runs on autopilot. He calls this business a "muse," not a name that entirely makes sense if you think about it, but in any case his view seems to be that you're best off if you throw some stuff out there and see what people should buy.

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