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February 2012

Weak ties are a good thing

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I was just reading a guide to becoming a better networker, a so-so affair called Work the Pond, when a rather interesting bit came up. The book cites a research project from 1973, a paper called "The Strength of Weak Ties," by Mark Granovetter.

Web Site Structure for Smart People

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It helps to get things right when you launch a website. It's true that no one is reading your blog at first. It's true that the vast majority of things you start doing one way and then figure out a better way to do are things you can fix down the road. But if you wind up on a platform that doesn't really support what you're trying to do on your website, you're going to wind up either putting up with a fair bit of annoyance later on or else you're going to have a big site migration project on your hands.

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